Friederikes Biography:

Fate-conditional years of life have me lets picked up the thread of artistic alignment with over 30 years only; although however me already in earliest childhood the painting filled with enthusiasm and I saw in it also one of my talents. Of it reminded I resumed the thread and continued education me self-educated. I specialized exclusively on working with watercolors. My paint directions have changed from the representational and representing to abstracting and to the abstract. This became my picturesque home meanwhile, corresponds my temperament. I work intuitively, I must work intuitively, only then, I can express something in my mind. I paint fast, it must flow and must pour out from me. Therefore the watercolor techniqe is the suited method for me. And I need colors around about me, Colors are for me energies, let my soul bloom. And also there is the transparency of the watercolors for me an essential enrichment. Often, one is asked which moves one, what may one represent. My answer, I like to lead out the observer from ours mechanized and automated world into the world of the imagination, the unconscious;like to reach that he leaves space and time a little. A part of my works therefore I have dedicated the topic "strange worlds." On this occasion, I worked consciously with wax-interruptions to get all the interesting structures. Also be found in some of my works Hints of figures, faces or shapes, that I didn't place consciously, they were simply created, and they allow each observer to see something "others".
I supplement my painting with my second topic, the philosophy. That leaves its marks in my works.
It is my opinion that something yields everything for itself should be. So it also is if I paint.

      Friederike Fischer-Achatzy

> About the Artist: : 

" With all their elegance, real beauty is hidden behind Friederike Fischer-Achatzy's pictures as well as those of Sam Fransis's inspired and wonderful painting.
The artist lets warm nuances flow into her colour scheme. Out of what is regarded by some as an artistic chaos, grow pictures of enormous delicacy and sensitivity.
The pictures deal with whispers not shouts."
       Stig Åke Staalnacke (Swedish art critic, Malmö 2002)

> "....Friederike Fischer-Achatzy was born in Munich in 1946 and is an artist living in Bavarian Gauting.
The artist is primarily dedicated to painting with water colours, and up until now has had numerous successful exhibitions at home and abroad.
Both the impressive, abstract landscapes and the harmonious abstractions are convincing in the choice of colour as well as in the proportions and relationships.
In this way the artist creates harmony and a special wholeness.
The titles of the pictures `Big bang´, `Alien worlds´, and for example `In resolution´ are predestined for this and stand for a......."

        Laudatio: Dr. Claus-Peter Böhner, Gallery (Mannheim 2002)

> "......with that, the pictures of Jacenkos relate to pure colour and do not refer to the connections or objects beyond painting.
This is the case with the artist Friederike Fischer-Achatzy who lives in Gauting in Bavaria.
In a portion of her work she touches, as it were, cosmic dimensions, such as in the picture `Big bang´.
She paints with water colours in order to achieve a high level of transparency.
However, she does not emphasise the recognisable landscape, but rather portrays energy by strongly defining the solid shapes......"

        Art-Profil (Specialist magazine for present-day art), Issue 6 2002

Short biographic data:

- born 1946 in Munich
- 1964 -1967 song instruction through Leni Briegleb-Raths (Richard-Straus conservatory Munich)
- from 1978 self-educated training and private study as a painter (Rough draft drawing, portraits, chalk/reddle technique landscape painting, different pressure techniques, watercolor techniques)
- 1979 - 1990 study trip /fact-finding tour to South Africa, USA, Italy
- From 1995 specialized on watercolor-techniques
- From 1997 exhibitions in different countries
- From 2000 works at philosophical topics (Book above that under preparation)
- From 1998 sponsor/member in IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) - 2006 Certificate of Award and International Bussiness Who is Who Corp. Panama and the Germany Who is Who person encyclopedia


1997 - 1999 ShopArt ( the finest art in internet) München (exhibition in hotel)
                     ShopArt Frankfurt (exhibition in hotel)
2000 - 7. Internationaler Kunstpreis 2000 FIBK
                (Forschungs-Institut Bildender Künstler, Nürnberg)
         - Zürich : Internationale Kunstmesse Zürich (Kongresshaus)
2001 - Baden-Baden
         - Konstanz (Konzilgebäude)
         - Biennale Internazionale Dell'Arte Contemporanea Firenze (Italien)
2002 - Strassbourg (F) Pavillon Josephine, Parc de l'Orangerie
         - Engelberg (Schweiz)
         - Svenska Galleriet, Malmö (Schweden)
         - Galerie Böhner, Mannheim
2003 - ArtDomain, Port'de Andratz, Mallorca
         - Art Bodensee Kunstmesse in Dornbirn (Österreich), Galerie Böhner)
         - Internationale Kunstmesse Salzburg (Österreich), Galerie Böhner)
2004 - ArtInnsbruck, Internationale Kunstmesse in Innsbruck (Österreich), Galerie Kass/Studio Facciola Verona
2005 - Impulse International, Kunstmesse Osnabrück
2006 - AToMA (Austrian Tour of Modern Art):Ausstellungen quer durch Österreich,
         veranstaltet durch Modern Art Management)
         - Internationale Kunstmesse "Aktzenta Graz" (Österreich), Galerie Böhner

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Kunstvereine: ShopArt München, Gauting

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